National Day of Prayer

There was prayer with emotion where voices shook the rafters, if there were some.   And the quieter prayer where listeners strained to hear the words.   The deliveries are different, but the message much the same. There's an appreciation for the right of religious freedom. City commissioner Randy Johnson read from a proclamation for the special event. " A prayerful spirit has always been a part of the city," he read.

They're individuals who stepped out of the comfort zones of home and church. They prayed in the streets and over a loud speaker in downtown Nacogdoches. That's the way for the National Day of Prayer. Regional coordinator, Cindy Hyde said, " Nacogdoches, I will say, has more prayer events than any other city in the state of Texas and possibly the nation."

Volunteers prayed for seven areas of concern. Family, military, business and education were on the list. District Judge Campbell Cox prayed for government. There was even a prayer delivered by and for the media. But the ones that caught your attention were for the churches. Pastor Edith Hill said in her prayer, " Wake up the sleeping giants and the pastors and the preachers." Pastor Kelvin wade prayed that, " I stand proxy for the pastors, Lord." Wade is this year's coordinator. His prayer is for less division and more unity. " Generally speaking, there's a church on every corner and there are some that could just join with others, " the pastor of a church on the corner of Univeristy Drive and East Main said. With that message in mind, followers ended the hour long ceremony with a grasp of hands. They're believers in the power of prayer.