Livingston Police Officer's Funeral

First United Methodist Church in Livingston was filled with family, friends, and law enforcment officers today for the funeral of Caran Coward.

"She's got a lot of friends that remain here that will love and miss her, and we know that God has an angel up there with her overlooking us," her close friend, Lt. Randy Bridges of the Polk County Sheriff's Department, told us.

Polk County Sheriff's Department officials say Coward was murdered by her husband, Randy Coward. The two were reportedly going through a rough divorce. He called her Saturday while she was on duty. Authorities say when she got home, he shot and killed her and then turned the gun on himself. Caran was well known in Livingston, and not just because she was the only female police officer.

"She had an infectious smile. She was always smiling. She never knew a stranger. She was easy to get along with an extremely dedicated to what she was doing. She just knew how to bring out the best in people," said Lt. Bridges.

Coward easily attracted friends of all ages. She was also popular with Livingston's youth.

Livingston High School student Heather Evans told us, "It's a huge loss. That woman cared so much about everyone. She was always there for you."

"I'm really glad that people are here because everybody missed her at school. Everybody was really upset about it," said Livingston High School student Ashlee Higginbotham.

Those who knew Coward all say she had a postive impact on everyone she met. An impact that will be felt in Livingston for many years to come.