Peeping Tom a no-show in court Thursday

He is charged with peeking into women's homes uninvited, but Thursday a peeping Tom was a no-show at court.

His victims were there, however, and were not afraid to speak out.

With police reports in hand, Melesha Staples spent the morning waiting for an order of protection hearing against a complete stranger.  He never showed up so a judge granted her request.

"He should stay away from my house and neighbors so that's going to be a lot better," Staples said.

Now Michael Killion cannot come near Staples or her Cox Street home.

He is accused of randomly showing up on her front porch, staring through her window, and performing a sexual act. Leaving behind DNA on her windowsill.

Staples said it has been going on since November, so long she put up a night vision camera that caught the stalker red-handed.

Police caught Killion, charging him with stalking and indecent exposure. But he is out on bond.
"It's real creepy and real unsettling that he's that brazen," neighbor Jennifer Lee said.

So Lee printed fliers alerting everyone.

"I just wanted everyone in the neighborhood to be aware of who he was and he doesn't need to be there," Lee said.

The neighbors have banded together, battling to keep the peeping Tom away.

A place Staples said she will not leave no matter what happens on her porch.

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