Dialysis Clinic Investigation

by Christa Lollis

Davita Dialysis is trying to place patients in area dialysis clinics since their office was shut down on Monday due to a concern with an increase in patient deaths.   The problem is many of them are full so patients are being sent to clinics throughout East Texas but the closest ones with availability are in Crockett and even further. People are having trouble with transportation but according to some patients Davita is trying to work with them on that too. We checked with the local hospitals to see if they've seen an increase in patients coming in with issues because of dialysis not being available and Woodland Heights says they haven't seen any patients and Memorial says they can't say because of patient confidentiality.

This investigation began Monday with the Lufkin police department and the Texas Department of State Health Services looking into what could be causing the increase in deaths.   Right now State Health Services says this is the only one being investigated in the area but they couldn't say if others were Davita dialysis clinics in other areas were being looked into.   Evidence from this Lufkin clinic has been sent to labs and employees being questioned. Authorities aren't sure how long the investigation will take but they say they are just in the early stages.