Lufkin Police Report - 5/2/08

THEFT OF SERVICE:  4400 BLOCK OF SOUTH MEDFORD.  Complainant reported that a man and woman left a restaurant early Friday morning without paying for their meal.

BURGLARY:  600 BLOCK OF NORTH.  Complainant reported that someone broke into his home and stole his television Thursday night.

ASSAULT:  1000 BLOCK OF CLINTON.  A patrol officer caught an 18 year old female having sexual relations with a 16 year old male in a city park early Friday morning.  The mother of the boy didn't want to file charges and the matter will be referred to detectives.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE:  SOUTH END.  Two women reported that their purses were stolen out of a vehicle Thursday night.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  2400 BLOCK OF FRANK.  Two known suspects were seen damaging a wooden fence Thursday night.  They were identified and charges are pending determination of who owns the fence.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  1800 BLOCK OF E DENMAN.  Complainant reported that a known suspect threatened his life during a phone conversation Thursday night.

FORGERY/COUNTERFEITING:  300 BLOCK OF CHESTNUT.  A grocery store turned over 25 returned checks that passed at three different stores in the grocery chain that are believed to be bogus checks passed on the same account.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1300 BLOCK OF JOHN REDDITT.  Complainant reported that a window on his pickup was broken out by unknown means sometime Thursday afternoon while parked at his workplace.

BURGLARY:  900 BLOCK OF FIRST.  Complainant reported that his home was broken into Thursday and a laptop computer and two cell phones were stolen.

ASSAULT:  2500 BLOCK OF DANIEL MCCALL.  Complainant reported that an unknown person driving by in a silver car threw water on her Thursday.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  700 BLOCK OF CULVERHOUSE.  Complainant reported that her nephew took her car a month ago to put in the shop for repairs.  She just learned that he didn't take it to the shop but sold it instead.

FRAUD:  400 BLOCK OF TIMBERLAND DR.  Complainant reported two unauthorized transactions were made on his debit card.

FRAUD:  800 BLOCK OF N TIMBERLAND DR.  Complainant reported that an unknown person made an unauthorized transaction on her debit card after she lost it.

ASSAULT:  200 BLOCK OF MARTIN LUTHER KING.  Complainant reported that a known suspect threatened her with bodily harm Wednesday.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 1400 BLOCK OF BELL.  Complainant reported that two Hispanic males with bandanas over their faces broke out his car window early Thursday morning.  The suspects fled when a witness yelled at them.