Shooting Suspect's Brother Tried To Talk Him Into Surrender

Before Brandon Robertson committed suicide Thursday afternoon,  law enforcement and his brother Derrick were desperately trying to negotiate his surrender.

"Its just a tragedy. Nobody won in this situation," said Brandon Robertson's brother, Derrick.

Derrick was hoping for a peaceful surrender.

"Brandon told me he was sorry and that he couldn't change things. There was so much going through my mind, trying to get him to surrender. There was the hope we were going to get him out," he said.

Communicating by cell phone and text message, Derrick said he desperately tried to get his brother to listen to reason.

"We were begging him not to do this for that family's sake, not commit suicide by cop or kill himself and not to hurt nobody else" says Derrick.

At one point, negotiations backfired and Brandon made more threats.

"He said, 'if they get close to me I'll kill Jennifer.' I told him if he surrendered he would have time to make things right and be a semi-father to his children ... be there at least and get things right and make peace with God" Derrick said.

Derrick said the person who killed trooper Burns and held law enforcement at bay is not the person he remembers as his brother.

"He was a Christian. He was baptized. He would have done anything for anybody. He was a good police officer, and I had a good relationship up until the meth demon took over his body. When the meth demon took over he was a different person. It literally drained him of every decency he had about him," he said.

Derrick said he felt he had convinced his brother to come out.

"He said, 'ok, I'll do it. I'll turn myself in'," Derrick said.

But Brandon was a former police officer, and knew what kind of penalty he was facing.

"He knew he was going to get the death penalty if he came out of this. There was no way around it," Derrick said.

Brandon never told Derrick why he did it. And in the end, Derrick couldn't reason with him. All that's left for him now is to remember the brother he once knew.

"He was my brother. I loved him, and he loved me.  He told me to kiss his daughters for him and to take care of mom and dad. I never said goodbye to him ... I did not want to say goodbye," he said.

Derrick Robertson also says he wants to do whatever he can to help Trooper Burns' family.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.