Relay For Life

by Christa Lollis

As walkers rounded the track at Lufkin middle school, survivors, family members and many others cheered on those walking hoping to find a cure for cancer. 8 year old Cody Perry is walking for his own mother who is battling cancer right now. "I'm happy. She's special and I love her. This lady's special to me, very, very special," he said.

His mother was diagnosed with colon cancer in September and it's those sentiments that are pushing her to keep moving forward. "It means a lot to see all the people cheering you on and then your thinking if they can stand here and cheer us on we can do it," Lisa Perry explained.

For others, they're here to remember those they've lost so that they will never be forgotten. Karen Shumaker said, "It's very emotional because I've had people who have passed away from cancer, people that were friends with me and relatives that had cancer now and it is a very emotional, very touching time." And for Lisa, the walk is a reminder that there are survivors out there and that there is hope. "Don't give up. Don't give up. Say you can't give up. You got to fight." And for 12 hours East Texans continued walking to fight for a cure.