Soldier Sends Supplies To Iraq

by Christa Lollis

Staff Sergeant Joseph Cox is home on leave visiting his family and friends in Nacogdoches. But Tuesday he will go back to Iraq where his mother has already sent thousands of dollars in school supplies for the kids. "Started off myself just throwing pens out of my pocket to the kids and just seeing their reaction to the pens and pencils so I called my parents and had them send me some extra pens and pencils and from there it just took off," Cox explained.

His mother has gotten all of East Texas involved and started her own campaign for the Iraqi children. It's an effort that Cox says has helped with the relationship between the soldiers and the Iraqi people. "If someone had come over here and started to fight of course our parents are gonna tell the kids that they're bad people stay away from them of course these kids have been told the same thing and through the interaction not only are we winning over the kids but the adults are learning now Americans aren't as bad as everyone makes them out to be." Staff Sergeant Cox says the kids have bonded with them and his mother wants to make sure they aren't forgotten in the war. "They can't help the situation they're in and if we don't help them and get them educated today they will be our terrorist tomorrow," His mother Jo Cox said. And that's why she'll continue sending school supplies for as long as they need them.

If you would like to help with school supplies you can make a donation at First Bank And Trust or make donations at the Nacogdoches Public Library.