Shattered Dreams Affects Students

by Jessica Cervantez

It's every parent's worst nightmare to find out their child has been in a drunk driving accident. Monday students and parents were able to see a staged accident and to find out how this affects everyone.

These actors volunteered to be a part of the simulated accident, and they hope to make a difference. 

The scene is unforgettable, a car, a truck, three teenagers in each, with lots of alcohol involved. Teenagers know there is underage drinking that goes on at the high school, and they hope this makes a difference. 

The scene becomes too real, you can see the emotion in many of the students, even the actors.
Firefighters rushed to the scenes, officers gave sobriety tests to the driver, even, and a judge to pronounce a death was on hand, something parents hope they never have to endure. 

While the scene is fake, it is something that emergency officials see far too often.

Everyone involved hopes they get the message across, even if it saves just one person, it is worth it.