5/05/08 - Pet Insurance

"I got him when he was 3 months old," said Lester Scherick.

For the past 8 years Archie and Les go everywhere together.

" He rides around with me," said Scherick. "I tell him I say you want to go bye bye. And he is ready to go."

Archie runs errands all over town with Les, doing almost everything a best friend would.

"He is a great companion, he never talks back to me." said Scherick. "The only thing is some time i wish he could talk so that i could have someone to talk to."

About a year and a half ago, Les and Archie were driving, when Les lost control of his truck and totaled it.

"He was in my last accident with me," said Scherick. "We rolled the truck."

Thankfully Archie wasn't injured, but after the crash Les thought a lot more about getting insurance coverage for Archie. Tom sorrells has been selling insurance for nearly 30 years. He says the pet injury coverage is not a separate policy it's probably been around just less than 6 months and they actually cover the pet.

"We cover up to 500 if a pet is injured in a collision in an automobile accident. " said Tom Sorrells.

The pet injury coverage is built into collision coverage, paying for medical bills if a dog or cat is injured.