Women Build Week

Women rolled up their sleeves and went to work for Habitat For Humanity. Volunteers didn't miss a stroke as they shared their various duties. " Paint the walls."  " I'm doing what's called cutting in. "  " A woman with a power tool is scary. "   They take a break just long enough to receive a temporary tattoo by their sponsor, Lowe's.   The home building supply company provided a $5,000 dollar grant to buy the day's supplies. Lowe's spokesman, Dennis Stevens says the money is spent on,    " Paint, paint brushes, sometimes lighting fixtures, electrical wire etc. Everything that is utilized in building a home. "

Women had no difficulty putting the paint, caulk and wood work to good use. This crew is keen on detail. "Measure twice, cut once," advised one volunteer. And manning the tools comes easily, once they're shown how they operate. The goal is to recruit and train enough women volunteers to build a Habitat House completely by women.

Women Build Week focuses on giving credit to experienced women habitat volunteers, recruiting new ones and conveying to them that they're women helping women. Sometime after June a single mom and her pre teen son will purchase this Spokane house and start calling it home. Volunteer Jenny Johnston said,  " You can just imagine furniture in here, a Christmas tree, and music. You know, a life is going to happen here. "

On future workdays the crews will be women and men combining their construction skills to solve poverty housing. But men watch out. You may have to wait behind a woman to get your turn at the power tools.