Mineola Child Sex Ring Trial

"The nightmare that they lived. I can't describe it. Nobody can. You'll hear their words, you'll see their faces. And while you are in this room you will be forced to live it and for that I apologize," said Assistant District Attorney Joe Murphy during his opening statments.

From an apology - immediately into the dramatic testimony.

A 9 year old took the stand first. She described the life she once knew, going to a place adults made them call "Kindergarten" where they were taught to do sexual things. They were then taken to a club, a place she identified as the building in Mineola, the former hospital.

"What did grownups get when you danced?," asked Murphy. "Money," said the victim. "What did you get?," asked Murphy. "Nothing," answered the victim. "Did you like to do that?," asked Murphy. "No," she replied.

She described dancing and doing quote "bad stuff" by herself and with other kids.

"Did (the defendant) ever tell you what would happen if you told anyone?," asked Murphy, "Yes," answered the victim. "What did they tell you?," asked Murphy. "That they would hurt us," said the victim.

The prosecution outlined how CPS got involved and in March of 2005 removed the children.

"It took an agency. It took us getting involved before those kids became safe....she used them," said Kristy Hachtel, CPS Case Supervisor.

Shauntel didn't show much emotion, just a few tears. But more children will testify Tuesday.

"They are loving little kids and they loved her and they trusted her.....when you have kids they have a thing built into them called unconditional love," said Hachtel, "She used that. And their innocence."

An innocence that will never be replaced, and the life that ended for them three years ago, and Wednesday will have to be re-lived.

Mayo is not alone. Jamie Pittman has already been sentenced to life in prison in this case.

Dennis Pittman, Shelia Sones, Patrick Kelly and Jimmy Sones are still awaiting trial.

Another defendant, Rebecca Lynn Pittman, was arrested in Washington State in March and is en route to an East Texas jail.