Road Construction

by Christa Lollis

For months Daniel Mccall drive has been closed from Brentwood Crossing in front of Wal-Mart up to Angelina College. Come Monday there will be even more closures as major construction begins at the intersection at highway 59. "The traffic load on 59, engineers estimate they do a 20 year project on traffic growth and based on population and movement of vehicles. They've met those 20 year projections in ten years," Keith Wright with the city of Lufkin explained.

TXDOT is working to improve 59 and the city of Lufkin is making sure it's roads are ready for the change too. On Monday they'll be opening Daniel Mccall but closing Brentwood Crossing. Wright says, "We're shutting that down so we can do intersection work that is going to be required to tie into the bridge improvements that TXDOT is going to start." The city says it's much needed improvement to decrease traffic in the area and getting the construction all done at once will create less headaches in the end.

Since the Whitehouse bridge will be closed soon, drivers will have to detour when traveling in the area. Alternate routes will have drivers taking Daniel Mccall to FM 819. You can then take 819 back to 59 or around to the loop. There will also be an exit by the Sams Club entrance that will get drivers on the feeder road of 59. The good news is, construction is expected to only take 3 to 4 weeks pending weather conditions.

If you would like maps of alternate routes you can visit the city's website at