Guilty Verdict Handed Down In Shauntel Mayo Case

Three days before Mother's Day, an East Texas mother is sentenced to life in prison for crimes against her children. It took minutes for a jury to convict Shauntel Mayo on charges of engaging in organized criminal activity and two counts of sexual performance of a child. In minutes she was also sentenced to life in prison, plus another 40 years;along with a fine totaling $30-thousand dollars.

Mayo was part of a group of adults in Mineola who started a child sex club and both molested multiple young children repeatedly, and caused them to be molested by other adults.

There was some powerful and angry reactions in court today. Nearly everyone had tears in their eyes as her own children took the stand for victim impact and told her what they thought of her. After sentencing the kids told her face to face the hurt she caused.

One victim, 11 years old now, said to her mother," I just hope you got back to your cell and ask God to forgive you over and over and over and think about what you did."

The children were forced to learn to dance and perform sexual acts with each other and other adults involved in the 'club'. They were also given drugs, threatened with starvation, and beaten over the course of a few years.

The children are now in foster care in other counties.

After court, Juror, Vernon Thorton said, " I believe she got everything that she deserved. If it would have been up to some of the jurors she would have got a lot more. Anybody that can make your kids go through this. She's not no mother. You just don't do your kids that way. That's about the nicest thing I can say about her."

One person, Jamie Pittman, has already been found guilty in the case, and four others are awaiting trial.