Graduate Job Opportunities

by Christa Lollis

As one chapter closes for college graduates another one is just beginning. They will be leaving the classroom and heading into their careers. Even with a high unemployment rate in East Texas there are still jobs for them. "That means that there are a lot of people working. You think there's not a lot of jobs available but that's absolutely not true. There are employers coming in here daily trying to fill positions that they have," Work Force Solutions business manager, Jon Bunn explained.

It's being qualified for the positions that matters. Workforce says a degree sets graduates ahead. But the classes they offer can make sure they have all the training they need. Bunn says, "When they come into our workshops we don't just give them a class on resume writing, they walk out of that class with an actual resume." Things like computer skills and key words in a resume can set an applicant apart from the rest and getting the employers to pick your resume out of the pile is really the hard part. "This time of year you've got thousands of students that are going to be hitting the job market," Bunn told KTRE, "so any little thing that can get them noticed quicker, faster, ahead of all those other thousands that's the kind of hints that we are able to give them." But workforce says the main thing is to apply and know that there are thousands of positions waiting to be filled.

If you would like more information on the programs Work Force Solutions Offers you can contact the Lufkin office at 936-639-8898.