SFA Graduation

by Christa Lollis

In a coliseum that was standing room only, the class of 2008 prepared to leave the college classroom and head into the job market. "You won't have many more chances to wear what you've got on today," Governor Rick Perry said. But it's that cap and gown that perry says will get them further ahead. "You're fortunate to be headed into a Texas economy that may very well be the strongest in the history of the state."

He explained that export numbers are up and the Texas companies are waiting to hire the thousand Lumberjacks that now hold their degrees. "While your basketball team was winning the Southland Conference and I might add beating Sam Houston State on national television. We brought jobs to the state at 3 times the national average," Perry said.

These graduates will soon head to those jobs. And Perry reminds them, that they are what will set the course for the future of Texas. "The number one strength that we have in our economy, the number one natural resource we have are our people, people like you." These Lumberjacks are ready to make history in Texas.