High Gas Prices Cause Concern

by Christa Lollis

Three dollars and sixty four cents for regular and four twenty nine for diesel. It's the highest gas prices East Texas has seen. Now local drivers are wondering when it will stop. "They can raise it as high as they want it because they know it's a supply and demand they can raise it up to five dollars or six dollars and what are we gonna do. We're gonna pay it cause we need to get to work, why cause we have big SUV's and we have V8's," Nicholas Zamudio explained.

Other drivers say it's not just about the vehicles we drive. As gas rose more than 10 cents this weekend they're worried the oil companies are just trying to make a buck when they know drivers will be on the road. Teresa Schmidt said, "I think it did go up ten cents because of mothers day because they knew there would be more commuters."

At 60, 70 or even 80 dollars to fill up your tank, it's wiping out East Texans wallets. Zamudio says, "4 hours out of their day is spent working for gas and the other 4 is spent for either paying bills or paying for their kids and so it's hard on the lower class people." And Schmidt says, really it's hard on anyone who drives. And she says if the prices continue to rise, even getting to work could become a challenge. "It's hard to be able to get back and forth to work with gas the way it is and it's bringing all the prices on food and everything up and I mean it's making it hard for everybody." These drivers are hoping once the holiday weekend is over the price at the pump will go back down because they're not sure how much more they can take.