Tullos Finally Rewarded

It almost never happened for Jessica Tullos, out of Lufkin High School, she wanted to stay close to home, so she took a chance.

"I was a walk-on actually."

Tullos has endured three years at SFA, not one winning season, and has had to prove three differenct coaches, that she belonged.

"I'm kind of used to it by now."

But with one swing of the bat, it was a freshman, that prolonged the career of SFA's only senior, and gave her the opportunity to play once again.

"She had probably given me a million hugs, it was just amazing knowing that she can play, and that her season in not over yet," said Ashley Strcuchtemeyer, whos solo home run clinched SFA's first ever SLC title.

"To see her smile the way she is smiling, I cant believe that a kid like that did'nt smile the last three years, because she has had a great career," said SFA Head Coach Gay McNutt.

Tullos summed it up best, "It is kinda like a little story book, everything has built up and built up, and I have learned from every single year, and it is just awesome that my senior year I can go out with a bang."

If winning the Southland was'nt a big enough bang, Tullos thinks her career, has one more big game left.

"We are going to win, we are going to come out more fired up than what we were at the tournament."

Win or lose, it really does'nt matter, the Ladyjack senior, has already proven herself to her coach and teammates, and now, they want to return the favor.

"We try our hardest to play for her," said Struchtemeyer, "but we also try to keep her in our hearts and she does'nt want this to be her last game, and we dont want it to be our last game with her."

So the career that almost never happened, that never had a winning season, now, will never be forgotten.