District Clerk Adding Checks and Balances

Nacogdoches County officially has a new district clerk. Loretta Cammack was sworn into office Tuesday. She takes over as interim clerk for Donna Phillips who quit last month after being arrested for theft by a public servant.

Cammack signed the dotted line for the bond necessary to be the next district clerk. It's the insurance in case money is used inappropriately. As she signed it she said,  " I anticipate never anyone having to use this. " Cammack feels obligated to make that point considering she's taking over for a clerk now accused of being a thief. Cammack said,  " I regret it's happened. I'm very saddened about it and we're just ready to move forward."

The former legal secretary starts by establishing the rules. They're found in an office policy manual handed out today to staff. Cammack said,  " My goal is we're going to enforce some checks and balances so that threat or that temptation will never be there and I just want to assure the community that it's not going to happen. "

The district clerk is the keeper of court records, child support payments and issues passports. Cammack wants to introduce more computer options and begin cross training.   She added,  " Then there's just some internal housekeeping that we need to do. " Cammack is making a change that she says will better serve the public. Starting Monday the district clerk's office will remain open during the noon hour.

Cammack ran for district clerk six years ago, but was defeated in the primary. She plans to run again in November with the intention of turning her interim role into a permanent one. She jokes it's the longest campaign she's ever run.