Life in the Dugout

by Ryan Peterson

What happens in the dugout, stays in the dugout.

"You may be thinking about a test you bombed, or the rent that's due," S.F.A. senior Zach Gardner says.  "There's a lot of stories told in the dugout."

Head Coach Donnie Watson has an usual description.

"I think it's as close to the penitentiary as we can get."

Thirty-five guys,  some paying attention.  Some not.

"We definitely notice a girl in the stands if that's the case," S.F.A. senior Jeff Brewer says.

There's not a lot of intelligent conversation.

"Sitting around pitchers that aren't in the game, you're losing brain cells," student athletic trainer Trent Cox says.

The game is important. So is food and sunflower seeds.

"We get BBQ, ranch and original," Gardner says.  "You have to watch your seeds."

And watch out for gum, it may end up on top of your head.

"You can play with their minds by touching their hats," Cox says.

"You've got to be heads up all times," Brewer says.

Brewer was then pied in the face.

"Somebody's going to get paid back for this."

Joking around is funny if you're winning.  Not so if you lose.

"Failures of this game are tough," Brewer says.  "People throwing stuff and getting hit with helmets."

A smile will eventually return.  It has to when you're in the dugout.

"The dugout is one of the greatest parts of baseball," Gardner says.  "I think they should sell tickets in the dugout for people to see what's going on."

Coach Watson agrees.

"It's a great place to experience life."