Whatever Happened to Lucy the Dog?

In September of 2007, a case of mistaken identity, an attack against a child, and three court cases nearly led to a death sentence. But it wasn't about a person, it was about a dog.

A neighboring family on Richardson Road off of 706 alleged that Lucy, owned by Lee and Patricia Baros, bit a child while he was riding by the house on a bicycle. A judge agreed, even though the Baros alleged that it was Lucky, their daughter's dog, that went after the child.

A long ordeal followed, including the dog being held at an undisclosed location. It was especially difficult on the Baros because Lucy was given to them by their son, a marine serving in Iraq. Finally, Lucy was released, but her owners are having to comply with several rulings from the judge.

"We had to have her secured in a cage like that with secure top, bottom, and sides," Lee Baros said. "We had to have this dangerous dog collar put on her, and we also had to get a $100,000 insurance policy on her."

The Baros say it's costing them roughly one thousand dollars a year to insure Lucy, not to mention the costs involved with putting a fence around their entire property, and having to register Lucy as a dangerous dog. Lee Baros said that Lucy is worth every penny, and that he knows she is not dangerous.