Diesel Fuel Spill

A diesel fuel spill threatens a Nacogdoches plant center.

That fuel spill leaked into a tributary of Lanana Creek inside the SFA Pineywoods Native Plant Center. NFD says they were able to stop the spill before it contaminated creek. It happened at the Shell Gas station on North Street late this afternoon. Nacogdoches Fire Department says a fuel tank was making a delivery when a hose broke lose spilling less than 100 gallons of fuel.

DLS, a hazmat crew from Etoile, along with Denny Oil, owners of the fuel company, were called out to help clean up the spill. It will take clean up crews at least two days to have the spill completely cleaned up.

Nacogdoches Fire Chief says there is no potential fire danger, nor any danger to Lanana Creek or the public.