The Feds Raid Lubbock City Hall

Just after 9:00 a.m. Wednesday more than two dozen federal agents entered city hall and began to seize boxes of documents all outlined in a warrant issued by US Magistrate Judge Nancy Koenig.

In the warrant it states the crimes for which the warrant was issued are:

  • conspiracy
  • false statements
  • wire fraud,
  • and health care fraud

To prove those crimes were committed the government seized computers, electronic storage devices, electronic communications devices, computer equipment, digital storage media, and computer passwords.

Also in the warrant, a listing of several businesses all dealing with the health care benefits for city employees. The most prominent, the city's former health insurance provider, AAG Insurance which is owned by Ted Parker's company, The Parker group.

The city sued AAG citing more than $8.2 million in over-payments for claims. Another company listed was Jim White Insurance, owned by Jim White. White served as the campaign treasurer for now mayor elect Tom Martin in his first bid for mayor two years ago and until April of this year.

"I really have no idea what it's about," Martin said.

"I have been interviewed by the FBI along with a number of other past and present city officials," Martin said.

However Martin says after that interview his involvement in the investigation ended.  "When we finished they told me I was not the target of any investigation," Martin added.

We also spoke with Jim White over the phone.  White asked not to go on camera. Regarding his involvement in the warrant he said quote, "other than the fact that I'm Ted parker's insurance agent I'm not sure why I'm involved in the investigation."

Courtesy of KCBD