Water Well Loses Power

by Christa Lollis

Storms and high winds caused trees to snap and power poles to fall to the ground. The city didn't see much damage but FM 2251 took a hit during the overnight storms, causing a power outage for the city's water wells. "We knew we lost power immediately once the storm hit last night and staff began to make arrangements with Oncor to bring the well field back up," City Manager Paul Parker explains.

Immediately 2 generators began working to keep 2 of the wells operating. It took nearly 12 hours to get all the power back on. Parker says he was concerned, but Lufkin has dealt with much worse. "We came very low during Rita. We actually lost nearly all of our water in our overhead storage tanks and our ground storage and if we would have had a major fire we would have been at about the brink of being able to fight it."

Right now, the city only has 2 generators but in the near future, the water department is hoping to add 2 more to make sure it's ready for any major disaster. Parker says, "Hopefully in the next few months we'll have 4 wells which would be sufficient to get us through normal usage. It may not keep all our plants operating but it would keep all residential, commercial and operations with 4 wells." Having 4 generators would take away the stresses last night's storm caused, and keep the city up and running for as long as needed until power was restored.