Home Invasion Type of Crime Investigated

Rodney Johnson says he was awakened out of a sound sleep around two Thursday morning by a masked stranger with a sawed off shotgun.   It happened at University Courtyards at 3022 North Pecan. You can still see the foot print left by the person who kicked in Johnson's front door. A guest sleeping on the living room floor was the first to see the invader. The instructions given to him was to wake up the owner. Johnson recalled,  " My guest came to my room and said, 'Get up, a man is demanding money', and I was like leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep, so he pulled the cover off and he cocked the gun and he pointed it to my head and like where's the money. I'm like I don't know what you're talking about and when that happened he saw my roommate come in and my roommate had a gun too. When he saw my roommate coming he shot at us and he just took off running. "   The shot narrowly missed the roommate.

Johnson graduated from SFA on Saturday. The business degree holder comes from a rough part of Houston. He said this sort of thing happens in his neighborhood, but he didn't expect it in Nacogdoches. Police are investigating.