Lufkin's New Tight End

by Ryan Peterson

D'adrick Lee loved playing defense for the Lufkin Panthers.  But he may want to change the 'D' in his name, to an 'O'.  The Lufkin linebacker has been moved to offense and he's becoming a spring standout.

Lee is now playing tight end and is expected to become a big time target.   After losing most of their wide receiving core, the Panthers are in need of some new go to guys.  Lee has already proven to have great hands. Now he has to improve his blocking.

"At first I was like I don't really want to," Lee says of the switch to offense.  "But now I'm really getting used to it and like tight end."

Coach John Outlaw says Lee has all the physical tools.

"You can't project what a kids going to do," Outlaw says.  "But through the first few weeks (of spring practice) he's made some great catches.  If he learns the blocking schemes, things are going to be real good for us."

Lee believes he can be a security blanket for quarterback Jeffrey Claybon.  He also has a bold prediction.

"The leading receiver is going to be the tight end," Lee says.  "You'll see a lot of touchdowns."