LISD Employee Suspended

by Christa Lollis

Angela Hill says a Lufkin ISD employee put his hands around her sons neck and choked him yesterday morning. She says her son hasn't been the same since. "He's been really subdued. He's been really tearful cause he was complaining of neck and shoulder pain. Last night I had to medicate him with some Tylenol but he's been really quiet about it cause he said he just can't believe it happened to him."

After an investigation with the district it was determined today that the cafeteria monitor did inappropriately touch Hill's son. The incident happened at the alternative campus. A few students were involved in a milk fight and that's when the cafeteria monitor stepped in. The district immediately put the employee on suspension without pay pending the investigation. Superintendent Roy Knight explains it's a lengthy process to make sure all the bases are covered. "You interview kids. You talk to adults that were there. In this particular case there were other adults in the facility. My principal will interview them to make a determination on what exactly did transpire."

After a day of questioning witnesses, this afternoon the lunch room monitor was suspended indefinitely. But for this concerned mother, it simply isn't enough. Hill says, "If it was the other way around my child would be locked up right now. I wouldn't be sitting here with you in this way. My child wouldn't be here. He would be in juvenile detention center. Now, why is this man not? Why wasn't the sheriff's department called?" There was no criminal report filed after the incident but his mother said she was doing that today.