Tourism Keeps Economy Going

by Christa Lollis

Restaurants written up in Texas Monthly, shopping centers that keep growing, those are the things that make Lufkin and East Texas a hot spot for vacations. "Definitely a regular hub for shopping and retail and things like that so visitors that come from Livingston, Dallas, Houston, Austin they just want to get away from the city and Lufkin is a real ideal place for that to meet those needs," Alisha Burrow with the Convention and Visitors Bureau said.

All aspects of the economy are affected by tourism. The major corporations that call Lufkin home couldn't survive without it. Burrows explains, "We wouldn't even be able to house the large companies that we have here that bring in prospects to the economy in here to Lufkin so we wouldn't have jobs. You think about it we wouldn't have restaurants. Nobody would east, we would be at the house." And if the hotels weren't filling up, Lufkin could fade off the map. "Like I said tourism is everywhere. You think about it, you've got your business people, you've got the businesses here and tourism is not just hotels and lodging and meeting facilities," Burrow said. And statistics show the East Texas tourism industry is doing just fine with an estimated 11 million people visiting the piney woods each year.