Peace Officer's Memorial

by Christa Lollis

It was a day of remembrance. Nacogdoches county law enforcement officers shared stories and memories of their fellow officers who died in the line of duty. "He worked here at the sheriff's department and built a house by himself for him family, just a super good kid and good guy and he was just like one of my children," an officer who lost his partner said.

But it was also a time to remember all those that lost their lives. 18 thousand officers total and a hundred and 81 just last year. The sheriff said, "We still have officers losing their lives day in and day out but the single deadliest day in recorded history for law enforcement officers was September 11th 2001 when 72 officers lost their lives in the terrorist attacks."

Today with salutes bag pipes and prayers, these officers, family members, and East Texans made sure each of the men and women were remembered and honored. "We all know that everyone of these guys are our heroes but what made them heroes is not how they dies, it's how they lived everyday," Kerss explained.