Church Prepares Help

by Christa Lollis

Tornado's in the South and Midwest, cyclones overseas and flooding in East Texas. These natural disasters come quickly but leave a trail of devastation. "Often times it's hard to get medical personnel to affected areas really quickly but you can get anybody can deliver a large Ziploc bag that has some materials that people need quickly," Tommy Williams, a pastor from Woodville explains.

So the United Methodists of East Texas put together small bags with toothpaste, band aids, wash cloths and other essential items. Williams says, "They're materials that form together a health kit that we'll send throughout the world in places that are in need."

This is just one of the many missions the group is involved. They also helped during Rita and Katrina because to them their religion is more than going to church. "We feel like writing checks is important and folks giving money to missions is really important but we think it's equally important and vitally important that folks put their hands on, we get our hands dirty that we get our hands on materials and actually engage ourselves really physically in mission work." The hundreds of health kits put together today will help hundreds of families in need during the next natural disaster.