Lufkin Police Report - 5/19/08

BURGLARY/BUILDING:  400 BLOCK OF E DENMAN.  Officers responded to an active burglary alarm at a business around 11:40pm Sunday and found that someone had thrown a large piece of asphalt through the window of the business.  Management reported that nothing was noted missing at the time of the report.

BURGLARY:  2500 BLOCK OF DANIEL MCCALL.  Complainant reported that his car stereo and book of music CD's was stolen from his vehicle Sunday evening.

THEFT:  4200 BLOCK OF S MEDFORD DR.  Complainant reported that a business was struck by short-change artists Sunday evening.  The two women and a man began asking for different denominations in change and deliberately confused the clerk and were able to cause enough confusion to steal some money from the business.

ASSAULT:  3200 BLOCK OF DANIEL MCCALL.  Complainant reported that a known suspect shoved him down and choked him during a disturbance Saturday evening.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:   700 BLOCK OF TRAYLOR.  Complainant reported that he was threatened by a known suspect Sunday evening.

THEFT:  1800 BLOCK OF E DENMAN.  Complainant reported that he left his wallet at his apartment with three houseguests Sunday afternoon and one of them stole it while he was gone.

THEFT:  1100 BLOCK OF S TIMBERLAND.  Complainant reported that some cash was stolen from his car Saturday night.

THEFT:  1500 BLOCK OF CAIN.  Complainant reported that a new lawn mower and lawn trimmer were stolen from his residence over the weekend.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  2600 BLOCK OF FIRST.   Complainant reported that three males were seen throwing eggs on her car Saturday night.  They also threw onions on the car.

ASSAULT:   600 BLOCK OF CAIN ST.   Complainant reported that her husband threw her to the floor and took the car keys from her when she refused to let him drive off after he had been drinking.

BURGLARY:  400 BLOCK OF S CHESTNUT DR.   Complainant reported that his 18 wheeler truck had been broken into Saturday night and a TV and DVD player were stolen.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE:   1500 BLOCK OF TURTLE CREEK.  Complainant reported stereo equipment stolen from her car Saturday night.

BURGLARY:  300 BLOCK OF PERSIMMON.  Complainant reported that his residence was broken into Saturday night and three guns were stolen.