Women's Shelter Opening

Across the United States, 3 million women and girls will be physically abused this year. Domestic abuse is a big problem even right here in our backyards. That's why a safe house is opening in Lufkin.

The Janealle Grum Crisis Center is a project that took 2 years and $3 million to complete. It offers a lot of programs for families who are victims of domestic violence.

"It's a very exciting day for the women's shelter and we are opening our new facility for the Angelina County area," said Margi Preston with the Family Crisis Center.

This new facility will house administrative offices in the front, including a waiting room, a conference room, and a support room. In that room you see words on the wall like hope, believe, and love.

"This is an emergency crisis intervention shelter. It's a short term shelter for women and their children to come who are getting out of domestic violence or sexual assault situations," said Preston.

In the back you'll find a well secured fenced in safe house with 39 beds. There will also be lots of outreach, counseling and women's programs. The project was supported by a trust, the TLL Temple Foundation, and Mr. Grum. It's something they thought the area needed.

"We've had services in the East Texas area for 29 years now and this is the first time we're going to have a safe house in Angelina County so it's very exciting," said Preston

The doors will be open Monday, May 26.