Lufkin State School Opens New Facility

A ten thousand dollar project at the Lufkin State School is now complete, and the new life skills center will teach residents how to live a more independent life.

Tuesday they celebrated with a ribbon cutting of the new "Stepping on Out" Life Skills Center. The new home located in the housing area will teach residents cooking skills like planning meals, shopping, and of course cleaning up after.

During a tour, you could see the new facilities like a laundry room where residents go to learn laundry and ironing skills. They'll also get a chance to learn computer skills, because the goal is to teach them independence.

"That's what we do 24/7 anyway, but this is just a little bit more special," said Barbara Draper, Activities Treatment Coordinator at Lufkin State School. "Hopefully, a lot of our folks will move into the community at some point, and it's our goal to train them to be as independent as possible, so that they can move into a house on their own."

Most of the money used to make all of the modifications to the house was donated by local businesses.