99 Things to Do or Eat in the Texas Forest Country

This past month, we've asked you "What are the most intriguing places to go or eat in the Texas Forest Country?"

While I won't cover 99 topics, here are a few that caught my attention. If you love the scenery of the water, trees, and like to play golf, then Crown Colony is a must see place to play.

"From a design standpoint, I would say the features are all about the lakes and the trees," says Crown Colony Golf Pro Ben Burns. "I brought my wife down here and showed it to her for the first time with the lakes and the landscape, and she loved it. "However, if this is your first time to play golf, bring a lot of balls.  That's the best advice I can give," says Burns jokingly.

I have played Crown Colony once or twice before and I can attest to that notion.  If you have a habit of slicing the ball to the left or right, then you might be in some trouble as I have been accustomed to when I play the course.

Our next stop takes us to Nacogdoches and the Stephen F. Austin campus, where the Mize Azalea Garden has gained attention.

"We're the largest Azalea Garden in the state, and in terms of plants and diversity, we're number one," says Dave Creech, Director of the SFA Mast Aroboretum. I

t has added additional walking trails, making it easier to view all the Japanese Maples, Camillyas, and Azaleas.

Not that we have hit on places to go, how about somewhere to indulge our sweet-tooth? Look no furthur than the Pinto Pony Cookie Factory where over 6000 cookies are made daily.

After launching their company in November of 2007, it has gained popularity and taken off in just a short period of time.

"We would sen out an order and sometimes get an additional four to five orders in return from that initial order," says Samye Johnson, one of the partners with Pinto Pony.

In addition to the delicious cookies, Samye adds that promoting East Texas Heritage and History is also one of their top priorities.

"We have a package that promotes the El Camino Real and the Texas Forest Trails." This is done by putting brochures in the package along with the cookies when they are shipped out. These cookies make great gifts.

In fact, I sent some to my good ol' mom for Mother's Day last Sunday.  She loved them and was extremely impressed.

If you have some places to go and eat in the East Texas Region that you enjoy, feel free to let us know.  All you have to do is go to our homepage and look for the "99 Things to Do or Eat in the Texas Forest Country" link.  Just fill out your list and submit it back to us.