No Refusing Allowed

by Christa Lollis

"Older gentlemen going the wrong way on interstate 20 run into 3 girls coming the other direction head on. It's tough to arrive on a scene like that." It was a scene Sheriff Hammack remembers well and says scenes like it in Polk County happen all too often because of intoxicated drivers.

This weekend, Polk County is hoping to bring the number of intoxicated drivers on their roads down. They'll be doing a no refusal weekend so not giving an alcohol sample isn't an option. "That's the main reason those people refuse is that they know that they're drunk and consequently they feel like it's not in their best interest to cooperate and give officers that evidence," Polk County District Attorney, Lee Hon said.

If you refuse in Polk county this weekend, you'll be taken to the jail and a warrant will be served for a sample. It won't leave any doubt about who's intoxicated. Hon says, "I think it will be very effective in enabling us to prove better, to prove our cases and to get just punishment for those people that commit these types of offenses." Extra prosecutors and judges will be on hand this weekend to expedite the warrants for those who refuse a breathalyzer.

Sheriff Hammack is hoping the message is loud and clear. "People are going to enjoy the holiday. There are going to be people who are gonna drink we just want to ensure that the people who are drunk don't go out and drive." But for those people who do drive while intoxicated, there will be plenty of room in the Polk county jail.