One is Enough

by Ryan Peterson

"I really just mix it up," Huntington pitcher Carlie Thomas says.  "I give a curve.  Throw a screwball or a fastball."

"She has a tendency to overpower batters," Huntington coach Ruth Wright says.

Over and over again.

"She is very consistent with hitting her spots," Wright adds.  "She's very calm."

Give Carlie Thomas just one run.   The Devilettes are probably going to win.

"I think so," Thomas says.

Half of Thomas' wins are no hitters.   She hasn't given up a run since February.

"It bothers me a lot," Thomas says of allowing runs.  "I really try not to."

Only a sophomore, Thomas is already one of the best.  That's not good enough.

"I hope I can do better," she says.

Don't know how she could.   But that's why Carlie Thomas is so good.

"She's a winner," Wright says.  "I think she can go big time."