Drinking And Boating

by Christa Lollis

Memorial weekend is here and East Texans are already hitting the water. But before you take the boat out, game wardens say make sure you have life jackets on board. One of the game wardens, Timothy Walker says, "Boat accidents happen on the spur of the moment and unfortunately there are injuries and if you don't have a life jacket on and you're incapacitated where you can't swim then odds are you're probably gonna drown." Keeping your speed down and watching for water hazards will also keep boaters safe.

But one of the biggest problems on the lake is alcohol. Walker explains, "A lot of the boat accidents occur due to drinking. A lot of times there's alcohol involved and of course it impairs judgement."This weekend game wardens will be in the water and on the lookout. It's against the law for anyone driving a boat or jet ski to be drinking. The rules are the same as driving a car. And if you're on the lake, you're open to a search. "We're gonna stop to do water safety inspections on the boat. We're given that authority by the state of Texas and so we don't need probable cause or anything like that," Walker told KTRE. So the message, be safe, don't drink and boat and know the game wardens are watching.