Firemen At Work

by Christa Lollis

There were 40 men and women are from 4 fire departments in East Texas, all of them volunteer. They're training for a job they do because they love it. The problem is, these men and women are few and far between. "The volunteer firefighter in today's world is understaffed and so it takes more than one department to basically put out a structure fire so for us to get together and work on automatic aid and mutual aid you have to train like that so that's why it took more than one department," Firefighter Dave Crawford explained.

They were donated a house to train with and before they burned it they practiced rescue efforts and fire fighting techniques. Then, they lit a fire and burned it down. It's a fire that in real life would have been a difficult one to fight. Crawford says, "We wouldn't make an interior attack but before it got like this we would try to make an interior attack and knock the fire down but once it gets to this point it's an exterior attack." It's tactics like those that they practiced today. Staying on the outside of the house keeps them safe.

Even with the best training sometimes the worst happens. "Anytime that you make any type of interior attack on a structure the risk of injury is there just hopefully you're doing the right things and paying attention to your surrounding and your training brings you through that so you don't have that injury but the risk of injuries is always there," Crawford said. So they're always training and making sure they're ready for the next call.