Memorial Day Service

by Christa Lollis

There were hardly any empty chairs at Clawson Assembly of God today during an unconventional Sunday service as guest speakers told East Texans what Memorial Day is all about. "The men and women who are fighting today and who God we pray they come home safely but the sacrifices they made we need to recognize," Judge Bob Inselman said. He was one of many people who told stories and explained what the holiday means to them.

Congressman Louie Gohmert, knows the troops need our support and is thankful times have changed since he was in the army. "I've been spit at in uniform. We used to be ordered at fort riley not to wear a uniform off post cause people would do violence on guys." But as families came to the front to pray for their loved ones who have fought or are fighting in the war, it was clear, this community has nothing but support for the men and women in uniform. And as Gohmert spoke about Ross, a soldier who died protecting his men during an attack, he explained that this war isn't over and the soldiers still need the support. "When I was at that funeral and those soldiers came up after it was over and knelt, put their hand on his remains and thanked Ross for giving his life to save theirs and thank God for providing Ross to save theirs. It just came home that's what we're to do on Memorial, thank those who have sacrificed and thank God for the blessings we have," Gohmert explained.