Illegal U-Turn Crackdown

by Tina Alexander

Illegal u-turns along Highway 59 south of Lufkin are causing major headaches for law enforcement.

Impatient motorists are making illegal u-turns in front of the entrance to Crown Colony and the Temple entrance to Crown Colony.  The Traffic Division is out in full force and violators are being ticketed.  Taking a look back over the long Memorial Day weekend, the Lufkin Traffic Division reports there was a decrease in the number of motorists, compared to the usual high volume of holiday traffic.  They also noted they are writing fewer citations for speeding.

"Our traffic division reports with the escalation of gas prices, we seem to be seeing a corresponding decrease in the amount of speed," says Lt. David Young.  He says the reported difference between a motorist going 70 miles per hour compared to one going 60 is about twenty cents per gallon.