Garbage Container Conversion

by Tina Alexander

Are you wondering what happened to that new garbage can you're expecting from the City of Lufkin?  Hold on says the assistant director for Solid Waste and Recycling.  It's taking more than one trip to complete a collection route.

Crews are replacing the 65 gallon grey carts with new, 96 gallon grey carts.  All residents have to do is place their garbage container out for regular collection and it will be replaced once they've been emptied.  Be patient, it could take city crews up three to four months to complete the conversion.

"If we don't get you that day, we'll get you another day.  It's taking more than one day to get through an entire route, so we may get your neighbor and not get you, but we'll come back the next week and make sure you're taken care of," says Assistant Director Lynn Winthrop.

Winthrop says the larger containers should help cut down on litter in the streets, decrease pick-ups for special collections and meet the increasing needs for local residents.  The new carts are three inches taller and wider, but not much harder to handle, says Winthrop.

If you want to keep your old garbage container, you need to call Solid Waste Services at 936-633-0281 and request to keep your smaller carts.  If you have already called in, you don't need to call again.