Louisiana Man Attacked By Two Pit Bulls

"I heard them coming. I tried to ride even faster on the gravel road, they bit my left shoe," recalled Richard Woods.

In a home video from his hospital bed, 38-year-old Woods recalls the traumatic attack by two pit bulls late Friday night off Constance Road in rural Jeff Davis Parish.

"And two pit bulls charged me from the home, they were not pinned up or chained up at all," said Woods.

On his bike, Woods couldn't get away fast enough, eventually losing control and falling in a ditch. He was left defenseless and he covered his face and neck as the two animals began to bite into his flesh.

"I was trying to block my neck because they kept going for my throat and my neck... They bit part of my biceps out of my arm, I'm missing my biceps. I nearly lost my eye, but the doctors were able to save it," said Woods.

Distracted, the dogs let up and Woods was able to make his way down the road to a nearby home. Blood stains are still visible on the door where he knocked for help. But those knocks for help went unanswered as the dogs soon returned for more.

"Then they tried to attack me again, and they must have heard something and left again," said Woods.

He managed to crawl more than 300 yards through a field to a neighbor's home, where he would lay in the yard until the homeowner's drove up some thirty minutes later to discover his lifeless body ripped to shreds.

"All I had left was my belt and my elastic on my underwear. And they wrapped me in a blanket and if they didn't come home when they did, I would have bled to death and I definitely would have died," said Woods.

"Anybody knows that those dogs are there and they are bad," said neighbor Diane Daigle.

Daigle lives not far down the street and says this is not the first time the pit bulls have attacked.

"Anytime you pass on the road, they are going to chase you, bite at your tires. My brother-in-law had a motorcycle and he said they almost pulled them off his motorcycle. They attacked his feet, his legs and basically he had to drive as fast as he could to get away," said Daigle.

The Jeff Davis Parish Sheriff's Office did investigate the incident. However, neighbors say the dog's owner was told to chain the dogs up or get rid of them. Daigle says that is just relocating a dangerous problem.

"We're upset that when we talked with someone there today, they said they gave the dogs away, so what does that mean another child, another adult, another person is going to get ripped apart by these animals," said Daigle.

In Calcasieu parish when any animal attacks a person it's quarantined for ten days before being put down. However, unlike Calcasieu, Jeff Davis Parish doesn't have a separate animal services office. Instead the sheriff's department acts as the animal control authority there.

But there's still no word on what ever became of the dogs or if any action was taken again the dog's owner.