Gas Price Anxiety

I put gas in my car this week.  It cost $57.  Last year, that same tank of gas cost me $35.  As the price of fuel continues to climb, there is a public outcry for the government to do something about it.

We hear many explanations for the prices: short supply, high demand, the possibility of a shutdown somewhere in the world, hot weather, cold weather, the reasons are endless.

It's human nature to blame others for our problems, and to want a quick fix.  But, a summer "time-out" from the federal portion of the gas tax would do nothing for us.  Come Labor Day, there would be another sudden jump at the pump.

The real culprit is worldwide supply and demand.  China and India are now competing like never before for gasoline and crude oil resources from the same foreign suppliers that sell to the U.S.

Demand is king.  Until we change our gas-guzzling habits we will continue to be at the mercy of others for our most popular energy source.

That's what we think, tell us what you think.