Angelina County Inmate Escapes

by Christa Lollis

Jeffrey McMullen also known as Jeffrey Fredregill escaped while on work detail Angelina County jail this morning. "Between 9:30 and 10 the other guys, the inmates that were helping the work crew, they came up to another officer and asked them if they had seen this inmate, they had been looking for him for about 15 minutes they hadn't seen him in about 15 minutes," Cpt. Louise Marshall explained. The officers hadn't seen him either and his weed-eater was found on the ground behind the jail.

Since then, law enforcement throughout the county has been searching for him. Marshall's says, "The sheriff and everyone's been following leads. They've got a possible location now that they're checking on." After checking, that lead fell through, so the sheriff's office is still out looking.

McMullen was in jail for evading arrest in a vehicle, he has also been previously convicted of sexual assault and is a registered sex offender. Captain Marshall says from his previous behavior she doesn't see him as a threat. "He wasn't violent. He worked well we've had him working for a while." That doesn't mean East Texans shouldn't be alert. And Marshall tells the community, "Your still concerned anytime there's an escape like that we're you know, but I don't think there in any immediate danger. If they want to do the normal safety precautions, keep the doors locked." McMullen was last seen wearing a white shirt and blue pants. If you see him, call 911 immediately.