Fireworks Are Fun, But Remember To Celebrate Safely

The signs are everywhere -- fireworks for sale!

Since the attacks on America, the recent war with Iraq, and with the war against terrorism continuing, the resurgence of patriotism continues. Many communities plan special celebrations to mark the fourth this year. Some won't leave it to the experts, and that can be dangerous.

It may look strange to see an exploding watermelon, but the Consumer Product Safety Commission says it shows how dangerous a firecracker can be. It's that time of year when the agency puts on it's own show, complete with mannequins and illegal fireworks, to show the damage fireworks cause.

Since 1988, the CPSC has stopped over 400 million unsafe fireworks from ever reaching stores. But the agency's director says they're still out there, and some of the policing depends on you.

"Don't buy fireworks that are meant for legal displays and if you want to use legal fireworks, celebrate safely," said Thomas H. Moore with the CPSC.

Many cities do not permit the use of fireworks within their city limits, and a growing number of munipalities have banned fireworks altogether. The best advice is to leave the fireworks to the professionals.

There are many public displays to enjoy in our area. Grab the lawn chairs and the cooler and head out to Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin, the Nacogdoches County Exposition Center in Nacogdoches, or Salmon Lake Park in Grapeland, just to name a few. Play it safe this year