Drug Trafficking Problem

by Christa Lollis

If you travel on 59 through East Texas you'll see dozens of troopers patrolling the highway. But they aren't always looking for speeders. DPS Trooper Greg Sanches said, "59 is one of our main travel highways. We know drug trafficking goes up and down the roadway."

Routine traffic stops commonly lead troopers, deputies and police officers to find large amounts of marijuana and cocaine. Sanches says sometimes the last person you would expect is the one that's hiding drugs. "A lot of the stops you'll see parents doing it or a grown up doing it and also got their kids in the car. The same way with going into homes and making a drug arrest, you got kids walking around with in a home where meth is being made or they're dealing drugs you got needles on the floor."

It's a problem that follows 59 to all the East Texas cities the road runs through. As long as the demand is there troopers say they'll keep finding drugs. "Anytime there's money to be made there's always going to be some people that are gonna violate the law not caring who they harm in the process so you know if you have people that would just stop using drugs and weren't using the drugs then of course that would be on of the things that would slow it down and stop it," Sanches said. But Sanches believes the reality is drug users aren't going anywhere, so DPS will continue looking for drugs moving through East Texas.