Your Turn: School on Memorial Day

We asked you to consider this, and you did.  Now it's Your Turn.

Recently a viewer from Lufkin wrote very upset and made these comments:

I am irate at the school districts which remained open for Memorial Day and disgraced and dishonored our American soldiers and those who have died and gave up so much for this country.

Being a military veteran, [I felt] these school districts might as well have turned their backs upon the veterans - veterans who did not turn their backs on their country regardless of the cost.

I believe that the taxpayers should find administrators and school officials who will honor our American soldiers; and FIRE in "disgrace" those who decided that it was better to "disgrace" those who have fought for this Country.  I don't believe a simple apology is enough for what these "educators" - if you wish to call them educators - decided [to do by] having the schools to remain open.

A couple of weeks ago Bobby Vaughn, cousin of SSGT Casey Roberts, wrote these words:

The love and support that we felt from the citizen's of Shelby County was the most toughing thing we have ever witnessed.  From the workers of the Tyson plant...holding the flags and their hands over their hearts, to the little children standing alongside the road, it was really touching.  We wish there was a way we could shake the hands and hug the necks of every person who took time out of their day to show the support of this nation and our fallen soldier...Thank You.  Shelby County and its citizens will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

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