Swimming Safety

by Christa Lollis

Temperatures are already in the 90's and with school out many kids are ready to hit the water. But if you aren't prepared it could be a dangerous situation. "If they're not very comfortable with the water they could panic or go under or worse. If they're comfortable with the deep end they can swim better, just help them overall being comfortable in the water," Lifeguard, Stephen Corbett explained.

He also said swimming lessons and familiarizing kids with the water will bring their comfort levels up. But sometimes being too comfortable can be a problem too. Livewell manager, Bryan Compton says, "They got too far out, they weren't being watched and they panicked and went under before they could get some place with a safe harbor they simply either gave out or got tired." To alleviate that problem live well has ropes that drowning victims can pull up on and lifeguards that are constantly watching and enforcing the rules. "The rules that we have are not to be mean or you know keep anybody from having a good time but you know we try to you know cut down on any incidents whatsoever any accidents, slips, falls, cuts, scrapes," Compton says.

Safety is their number one priority at the pool. Weak swimmers aren't allowed to swim in the deep end and nobody under 13 is allowed in the pool without a parent present. They feel it's those rules that keeps their swimmers safe.