The Senior Village

The Senior Village on Harris Street couldn't ask for a better location. Right out its backdoor is the Nacogdoches Senior Center. This definitely got the first tenant's attention.   Manager Rhonda Cruz recalled,  " She would drive over to the senior center and play 42. When they started construction here she walked over one day and she said, 'I'm going to live in those apartments. I will live in one of those.'" The woman who knows what she wants is 99 year old Oreta Moore. We caught up with her while she was having lunch at the senior center. She explained,  " I had quit driving and wanted to be near the center." Cruz said,  " We had not even had the sidewalks and everything in and she would go traipsing right on across over there, so the next thing we did is we stopped construction long enough to build her a cement sidewalk. "

Just one example of the demand and determination seniors have for affordable, quiet and safe place to live.   Dorothy Skeeters said,  " Well, they have dead bolts on the lock for one thing and we didn't have 'em where I was at and it's just quieter."

This place is for those who fall between the service cracks. Cruz explained,  " There is an income limit. You cannot make more than $15,950 for one person and for two people the income limit is $19,000."   The housing complex receives no government subsidies, but it will accept HUD vouchers. Jeanette Greenlee prioritized her expenses.  " I just made a budget adjusting for eating out fast foods and that makes all the difference in the world."

The two bedrooms, all that's left at this time,  lease for $418 a month. Tenants also pay the electricity, but that runs only around $35. That amount is quickly offset by the savings on gasoline when going to the senior center.