High School Basketball Coach Arrested

Dayna Crenshaw
Dayna Crenshaw

Dayna Crenshaw filed in behind other Nacogdoches County jail inmates for the morning arraignment. The thirty three year old girls basketball coach sat solemnly until judge Dorothy Tigner Thompson called her to the bench.   The judge read the charge. " You are charged with the offense of improper relationship between an educator and a student, felony two. Bond will be set at $15,000."

NISD police began investigating when a female student alleged this spring that she had been involved in a sexual relationship with Crenshaw for four months. The identity of the high school student making the allegation is only identified by initials inside the affidavit. We do know she's 18 years old and graduated last week. The student spoke of Crenshaws' tattoo of pink and baby blue footprints located below her right waistline. The student reportedly saw them during sexual acts that occurred in Crenshaw's mothers house. The student successfully provided police a detailed floor plan of the home and stated the sex occurred in Crenshaw's mother's bedroom. The home is just 4/10's a mile from the high school where both spent the majority of the day.

Police didn't make an arrest until after last week's graduation. NISD Police Chief Doug Ploch said,  " We were still going through phone records that we had obtained as part of our investigation." He says the investigation is continuing.

This afternoon, NISD Human Resources assistant superintendent G.W. Neal said Dayna Crenshaw remains an employee on administrative leave. The Texas State Board of Education will be notified of the alleged relationship should the district fire her. Following her arraignment crenshaw promptly posted her bond. Within the hour she was meeting with her attorney Tim James. The next legal step will be to present evidence to a grand jury.